His Interviews

The Presidents,The Presidents of Republic and The Kings he met and became good friends;
1-  The President of Egypt: Jamal Abdul-Nasir,

2-  The President of Egypt: Enver Sedat,

3-  The King of Saudi Arabia: Suud,

4-  The King of Saudi Arabia: Fahd,

5-  The King of Saudi Arabia: Faisal,

6-  The President of the Republic Lebanon: Suleiman Franjieh,

7-  The President of Syria: Amin al-Hafez,

8-  The King of Jordan: Hussein,

9-  The President of Irak: Abdul Salam Arif,

1O- The President of Irak: Abdul Rahman Arif,

11- The President of Yemen: General Abdullah al-Sallal,

12- The President of Pakistan: Iskender Mirza,

13- The President of Pakistan: Eyup Han,

14- The first Prime Minister of India: Jawaharlal Nehru,

15- The President of Yugoslavia: Marchal Tito,

16- The President of Irak: Ahmed Hassan El-Bekir,

17- The President of Irak: Saddam Hussein,

18- The President of Irak: Celal Talabani,

19- The Leader of the Democratic Party: Molla Mustafa Barzani,

20- The President of Algeria: Boumediene,

21- The President of Algeria: Ben Bella,

22- The President of Algeria: Abdulaziz Buteflika,

23- The President of Tunusia: Habib Burgiba,

24- The President of Libya: Moammer Gaddafi,

25- The King of Libya: Idris al-Sanusi,

26- The President of Chad: François Tombalbaye,

27- The King of Morocco: Hasan I,

28- The King of Morocco: Hasan II,

29- The Sheikh of Bahreyn: İsa,

30- The Emir of Kuwait: Sheikh Abdullah el-Salim Al Sabah,

31- The Emir of Kuwait: Sheikh Sabah al-Salim Al Sabah,

32- The Emir of Kuwait: Jabir Ahmed el-Jaber Al Sabah,

33- The Sheikh of Kuwait: Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber Al Sabah,

34- The Prime Minister of Lebanon: Saeb Salam,

35- The Prime Minister of Lebanon: El Sulh,

And he also interviewed with the well-known people like;

-Molla Mustafa Barzani (Mesut Barzani’ father)

-Doctor Hatem ( The Prime Minister of Egypt)

-Yasser Arafat ( The Leader of the Combat  Palestine and The Head of State of Palestine)